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if you think me weird

for loving with an unconditional openness 

because I can not do any different

then yes, 

I am weird

if I seem weak to you

for being vulnerable and honest 

when expressing how I feel

then yes, 

I am weak

if you consider me mindless

for trusting my intuition and senses more

than clever explanations

then yes, 

I am mindless

if you believe I am emotional

for feeling empathy 

when anyone is in pain

then yes,

I am emotional

if you feel I am unashamed

for articulating my desire

then yes,

I am without shame

if you deem me off-beat

for singing from my own song sheet

for not running with the crowd

then yes,

I am off-beat

if I do appear strange

for being intensely curious

for withholding judgement

and a willingness to understand what makes you tick

for looking beyond the surface, 

beyond pretence 

and happy smiles

then yes,

I am strange

and all of that 

no doubt

Wolfgang Lee moving from the heart, musings

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