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not waiting

not waiting in the wings

for my moment

to shine in your light

not anticipating 

you are finding rest in our closeness

not expecting 

to move from understudy

to supporting role

with regular parts to play

I am not waiting

to be called onto the stage

having rehearsed plenty

I am stepping out of the shadow

taking the spotlight

still improvising the script

writing and shaping characters

as the story unfolds

tension and drama

passion and excitement

love and loss

weave smoothly into the narrative

with life imitating art

and art imitating life

following the tale

I sometimes pity the players 

for their poor judgment

their guarded emotions

for their rushed decisions

their missed opportunities

trapped in circumstance

I wish for the hero to succeed

leaving his shackles behind

appreciating the understanding and compassion

emerging when I see my own reflection

Wolfgang Lee moving from the heart, musings

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