Photo by Armin Lotfi on Unsplash

your silence

when I noticed something 

had changed  and turned different for you

your silence

had me guessing

fostering confusion

fuelling assumptions and projections

triggering ( unavoidable ) pain

when you moved on to say not much at all

about how you felt

other than respecting your choice

I was left more befuddled

and it smelled of disrespect to me

dismissive of our connection

as if our closeness suddenly did not count much for anything anymore

brought on by your dislike for conflict and discomfort

by your avoidance

and hiding behind busy-ness

your defensive response to my questions and reflections

made the growing wall between us even larger

I would have wished  for a higher level of clarity

for a graceful letting go

for a smooth goodbye 

celebrating our shared memories

for a frictionless transition into possible  and continued friendship

I prefer to honour our experience

cherishing what brought us together

without a wall of silence and projections springing up between us 

Wolfgang Lee moving from the heart

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