Photo by Thom Milkovic on Unsplash

dancing with unavailability

not assuming unworthiness or disappointment

the mysterious bond we formed 

confused me 

when dancing with your unavailability

reflecting your needs

dressed up as freedom

with past expectations intruding

it felt unsafe and painful at times

yet what a perfect pairing 

we made

touching on our wounds

when getting closer

it seemed impossible

to soothe each other 

unlikely to be healing together

without gently holding 

our discomfort and tension

feeling and diving into my depths 

stepping back and giving space

and making room 

for what is to emerge for myself

facing my pain and shadow

standing in the fire of vulnerability 

continues to reconnect

and remember lost parts

leading me to rest in myself with the ease 

I experienced in your presence

Wolfgang Lee moving from the heart

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