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what to do

when everything changes

all of a sudden

and your love slips away

what to do

when your heart is at ease

but your soul struggles to find  rest

when you wish to transition out 

as slowly as you went in

when your parting communication is disembodied

seasoned and peppered with misunderstandings

when you ask questions 

to be heard

to release your bond

and answers are avoided

when disillusion is revisiting your memories

and their meaning is beginning to change

when your perceptions 

and interpretations are not telling the whole story

but you only got snippets of their side

what to do

when honouring each other 

and a smooth and graceful disengagement

seems out of reach

what to do 

when your wounding re- surfaces 

again and again

forcing you into withdrawal

what to do 

when you are left with a bad aftertaste

about how it ended

when you can not reach for better thoughts on your own

what do you do?  

Wolfgang Lee moving from the heart

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