photo by Dan Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash

where else

where else can I reflect on

what is alive in me

where else can I be surprised

by what reveals itself

and marvel

and cringe

where else am I allowed to make assumptions and get it wrong

uncovering different perspectives

if not here

where else can I find 

inspiration and understanding

when creating meaning

where else can I show up

and share my appreciation

and admiration

where else can I

express myself

unattached to outcome

where else can my fierceness

and tenderness share the same space

where else can my Yes and my No

live alongside each other

where else can I expose my struggles

can my hurt cry out

without burdening you

where else can my tears

flow freely

without blotching the paper

where else can my laughter 

and joy echo loudly 

without making a sound

where else can I enter

the ugly and dark corners of my self

torch in hand and at my own pace

where else can I discover my resistance 

and soften gradually

where else can I uncover

my reluctance to accept what is 

and relax into surrender

where else can I listen to what I need to hear

and learn to embrace all of me and welcome all of you

if not here – where else

Wolfgang Lee moving from the heart, musings

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