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pleasure is

water showering my head

and blissful sensations

trickling down 

tickling me

a soft breeze stroking

the sun kissing my face

it is sweat rewarding my effort

and strong winds filling my sails

the cold shaking

and warmth embracing me

it is me rising up effortlessly against gravity

feeling the ground with both feet 

it is trees seeking my company

sheltering in their shade

it is music playing with my body

moving and swaying in tune with itself

it is deep sleep and rest taking me

brushing off dreaminess in the morning

it is deliciousness 

melting in my mouth

and sharing a conversation with a friend

pleasure is my lovers hand

resting on my thigh

her gentle caress

and passionate responses

it is her lips push against mine

and the red taste of wine

and chocolate on her sweet tongue

it is me looking into her eyes

it is her wriggling free from under my weight

and me holding the tension of my desire lightly

enjoying its spark and flavour

pleasure is giving attention

to what is good for me

to the aliveness rippling through my body

breathing awareness into my being

pleasure is free of judgement

awakening all my senses

dissolving in joy

it is allowing

and giving myself over to the moment

to the here and now

not seeking anything

inviting no agenda

but listening curiously

responding with either a yes or a no

depending on what resonates

ease, stillness and freedom from expectation 

are its friends

authenticity its expression

it has me waking up for more

pleasure is letting my pen speak

loving every word taking shape

it is my heart guiding my thoughts

and memories bringing a smile to my face

Wolfgang Lee moving from the heart, musings

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