Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

on the path

I am on the path of reclaiming my power

softening and touching my wounding

on the path of freeing my responses

listening to the music of sensation

moving to its rhythm

and the beat of my heart

and as the melodies grow louder

I am tuning into the play 

of resonance and discord

of silence and sound

melting discomfort and tension

opening to the ecstasy of life

I am on the path 

of dancing to the pleasures and joys

of being alive and undefended 

shaking and wiggling 

laughing and giggling

to the sweet highs and deep lows 

on the path of meeting myself

oscillating in deep rest and focused attention

present to the changes and harmonies emerging

I am on the path of

distracting myself from distraction

experiencing experience

breathing appreciation

and singing the unfinished song of my soul

with the fire of passion

Wolfgang Lee moving from the heart

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