Photo by Matt Nelson on Unsplash

tell me

am I diminishing myself

choosing your company 

making a bid for you

knowing you are not mine

am I diminishing myself

because I don’t think

I am entitled to you

or anyone

am I playing small

being stirred by your being

drawn to you with an intensity

I cannot begin to understand

am I foolish 

when I think I am not less without you

when what I enjoy in your company

is expanding on what is inside

and already a part of me

am I mistaken

when we are not taking from each other

but adding and creating something

more than the sum of us

am I diminished

when I do not claim you for myself

when what we share is not exclusive

but transforming and touching others

and healing us

tell me

are we becoming less in each others arms

Wolfgang Lee moving from the heart

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