Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

I hope something beautiful happens to you, today

I hope you will meet your heart in a strangers smile 

and kindness,

laughter and joy in the company you keep 

I hope you trust in answering your call

moving the bound and freeing the flow

following your resonance

and tuning into the depths of your being 

I hope you let your untamed wildness

dance the unknown

unafraid to upset the comfort of the fixed and stuck

I hope you have the ear of an understanding friend

and the courage to stand in your feelings 

I hope your voice is changing the narrative

speaking up when nothing is left unsaid

I hope

you find rest in your tiredness

and stillness in the overwhelm

knowing your limbs will refresh

and your mind recapture calm

I hope you can sleep in wakefulness

I hope your heart can recognise the hidden

hear the unspoken

enjoy the pleasures of your playfulness

and see love in the eyes of the people who adore you

I hope something beautiful happens to you,


Wolfgang Lee moving from the heart

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