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work in progress

I am a work in progress 

my words and language unrefined 

not willing to edit my voice

intend on showing up open-hearted

poised to learn anew 

what has been hidden from my attention 

it doesn’t matter 

what I have earned already 

it doesn’t count for much 

to rest on the scars and joys of my experience 

I am a work in progress 

keen to deepening my understanding 

not afraid to fall on my face

not afraid of ridicule and laughter I may gather along the way

I am a work in progress

filling my mind with projections and assumptions 

judging when I don’t know better

and admitting as such

I am work in progress

voicing my opinion when I deem it useful 

oversharing when it’s not

I am a work in progress

continuing my learning 

forgetting my intentions

sharpening my curiosity 

until I come to my senses

Wolfgang Lee moving from the heart, musings

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