Photo by Jordon Conner on Unsplash

when sorry is not good enough

fear gripping me

and being dead to my feelings

I derive meaning

from the state I am in 

seeking to escape

the consequences

of not fully exposing myself

to what hides beneath

and attempting to run away

from myself 

to leave the overwhelm 

of intensity behind

I lash out at you

to ease my pain

I blame

allowing anger to further

obscure my truth

fearing the fear 

the uncertainty

the fragility

and the lies

I weave into the stories

that make me believe

I have been wronged

when I am the one

who is only half alive

to the ever-changing

a sorry not good enough

to un-say what escaped my mouth

to erase what hit the paper

dead to my feelings

I am beginning to wake up

to all that is


Wolfgang Lee moving from the heart

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