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no way out

I can’t meditate

my insecurities away

escape my past

and numb the leftovers 

I can’t talk 

my way out

re-telling my story

reaching for better thoughts

without taking perspective

I can’t be dieting

or fasting myself into a better me

reshaping my soul through exercise

my shadow does not dissolve in pleasure 

when I trade my body for love 

and fuck away loneliness 

I can’t feel my tears

without standing in my feelings

when rushing to fix them

I can’t learn to listen deeper

when hiding in busy-ness

or distraction

I can’t express what shows up 

when swallowing it for the sake of others

I can’t be kind to myself

without laughing at my foolishness 

and erroneous beliefs

I can’t connect with you 

without being vulnerable

without ignoring the falsehoods

my wounded mind is whispering

Wolfgang Lee moving from the heart, musings

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