Photo by Ferdinand Studio


stop advocating

pain is good for me

good to ignore 

and fine to override

stop telling me 

there is no gain without

you can’t convince me

of accepting your brutality

as a gift 

it is unwanted

stop telling me 

to distrust my own responses

by trusting you

you don’t resonate

your size doesn’t fit 

stop saying

it is okay not to listen

to how I feel

don’t lecture me

when you don’t even have a degree

in being me

who gives you the authority 

for dismissing my stop signs

why replace intelligence and care

with force?

why should I have to suffer your eagerness to fix me?

and who says I am broken?

my body doesn’t speak 

to your disinterest

your lack of patience

leaves me behind

going through the motions

replaced your sensitivity

instead of easing me into change  

you are sacrificing me

on the altar of your ego 

Wolfgang Lee musings

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