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no choice

I have no choice

but to respect my responses

(and yours)

and express how I am feeling

(good or troubled)

I can’t help

but to listen and hear you

sensing your joy, pain

and troubles

even if I can’t decipher it all

I can’t help 

but to honour your choices

your yes 

and your no

expecting you will follow your truth 

I have no choice

but to relax 

into the tension 

of my pleasure, discomfort

and the unknown

of our connection 

I have no choice

but to inconvenience you

when I am moved and stirred up

If you care

I have no choice

but to find the courage in my heart

to reveal my desires

with no idea how to hide behind a mask

forgotten how to put on a brave face

and no memory how to lie

I have no choice

but to stand in the fire

of my vulnerability

Wolfgang Lee moving from the heart

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