Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev on Unsplash

walking with you

I do not own you

I never will

nor do I want to

and you won’t let me

thank God

You do not own me

You never will

I won’t let you

nor would you want to

We are not entitled to each other

that doesn’t stop me

walking with you

holding you close

it doesn’t stop me adoring

Your gentle being

tenderness and love

Your fierce and unapologetic expression

for what feels true to you

it doesn’t stop me sensing

the vibrant energy you bring

how you brighten up

every space you enter

it does not stop me witnessing

Your joy for life

the pleasures

and the healing you extend

Your curious explorations and

untamed play

it does not stop me

being lifted

elevated and touched

by your free spirit

Wolfgang Lee moving from the heart

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